Unique laser technology cutting 10 times* thinner, 10 times* stronger developed by Lumos Laser.

Lumos Laser

The team consists of people from both academic backgrounds as well as laser professionals, which makes us an influential collaborator for both researchers and industrial laser users. We offer a wide range of fiber laser products from fs to ns range with highly adjustable and customizable parameters specific to the application of the users.

Şöhret Görkem Karamuk

Şöhret Görkem Karamuk

Şöhret is an electronics engineer and her expertise is in laser electronics, automation and control software development. She is designing the control electronics and user interface of the lasers with her experience coming from the automation background that is the key reason of simple user interface that Lumos offers.

As well as technical expertise, she also has experience in management at a multi-national electronics company. She has managed many processes such as production, marketing & sales, funding as well as test & integration.

Dr. Seydi Yavaş

Dr. Seydi Yavaş

Seydi Yavas is a laser expert with a cumulative experience of more than 12 years in ultrafast fiber lasers. He has build numerous laser systems for different applications such as transparent material processing, solar cell processing, nanosurgery, multiphoton imaging, photoacoustic microscopy, THz spectroscopy, etc.

He was in the team that first built burst-mode systems in ultrafast fiber lasers. He also worked as R&D Director in another laser company for more than 3 years. He is expert in designing ultrafast fiber lasers for specific purposes. He founded Lumos Laser in 2014 with Sohret to build extra-stable ultrafast fiber lasers for both industrial and scientific purposes.

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