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Unique laser technology obtaining up to 1000 times higher processing speed while maintaining high precision


Ultrashort pulsed lasers enable high precision processing without any heat effect. Despite the pristine quality they deliver, ultrashort pulsed processes often have the reputation of being “too slow” therefore are not suitable for industrial grade applications. However, to fulfill current and future customer needs in the USP laser micromachining market, faster processing speed is critical. We developed GHz-BURST that removes the speed problems and the negative effects of current lasers on the production processes and on the products. We proudly announce that our game changer USP fiber laser sources have up to 1000 times higher processing speed ability while maintaining high precision within manufacturing operations in comparison to other USP lasers available in the market.

The Idea

Our method is based on ablation-cooling of materials during the micromachining process. We apply ultrafast successions (bursts) of laser pulses to ablate the target material before the residual heat deposited by previous pulses diffuses away from the processing region. We obtain 10 times more level of ablation with 200 times less pulse energy. Our innovative method was published in Nature.

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