Lumos Laser

"Inventors becoming innovators"
Lumos Laser is an ultrafast laser systems manufacturer delivering custom solutions for applications such as micromachining, additive manufacturing and spectroscopy. Lumos core-technology features femtosecond lasers operating in GHz-burst mode which enables high precision, allowing to process even the most sensitive materials, fast and efficient. Our lean, low-power laser architecture brings energy efficiency, vibrational stability, minor material loss and simple maintenance. We have unique scientific and technical competency in designing and building femtosecond lasers. With roots at the Ultra Fast Optics Laboratory at Bilkent University our founding team invented the GHz Burst technology, which was published in Nature in 2016. Since then, our focus has been the industrialization of the technology. Our expertise in laser design is completed by our talented engineering team and product development expertise to secure high quality and performance. We collaborate with experts at various universities and several engineering companies for continued innovation.