Advanced High-Value Metal Drilling​

High-value metals such as titanium, tungsten, steel, gold, and copper find extensive use in sophisticated applications across aerospace, medical, automotive, and electronic industries. The precision in drilling these metals is critical, and Lumos's femtosecond lasers excel in this domain. Our lasers can perform percussion, trepanning, and helical drilling, creating through holes or non-through holes with exceptional precision without carbonization or burring.

The GHz-burst mode of our lasers drastically improves material removal rates, enabling applications like fuel injector nozzle drilling, HLFC drilling, via hole drilling, and electronics card manufacturing, to name a few. This non-contact process can be applied to a wide variety of materials, whether hard, brittle, transparent, or soft, opening a realm of possibilities in high-value sectors such as automotive, electronics, medical, watchmaking, jewelry, aerospace, and energy.

Lumos’s femtosecond laser technology, coupled with our unique GHz-Burst technology, delivers robust and reliable laser sources capable of drilling at exceptional speeds without any heat effect on the material, spearheading a new era in high-value metal drilling.

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