Biological Tissue Processing

Biological tissue processing, encompassing cellular and tissue-level applications, presents a unique set of challenges owing to the delicate nature of biological materials. Ensuring minimal damage while achieving desired outcomes is crucial. Lumos's fiber laser-based femtosecond lasers, grounded in groundbreaking work such as our research on femtosecond photodisruption in nanosurgery and the notable Nature article on GHz-burst material processing, provide a cutting-edge solution.

Our femtosecond lasers, characterized by low pulse energies, are adept at mitigating nonlinear processes, a common hurdle in biological tissue processing. The fiber laser foundation facilitates endoscopic applications, bringing precision processing to a new frontier. Moreover, the capability of our lasers extends beyond surgical applications, enabling spectroscopy and nonlinear imaging with the same system, a revolutionary stride in biological research and medical applications.

Benefits of Lumos’s femtosecond laser technology in biological tissue processing include:

  1. Multi-Functional Capabilities: Conduct surgery, spectroscopy, and imaging with the same laser system, streamlining operations and expanding research and clinical possibilities.
  2. Reduced Nonlinear Processes: The low pulse energies significantly mitigate nonlinear processes, ensuring precise and minimal damage processing.
  3. Endoscopic Suitability: The fiber laser foundation of our systems allows for endoscopic applications, broadening the scope of in vivo investigations and treatments.

Lumos’s femtosecond laser technology is poised to redefine the boundaries of biological tissue processing, offering a comprehensive, precise, and adaptable solution. Engage with us to explore how our laser systems can revolutionize your biological research and clinical practices, delivering multifaceted capabilities with unparalleled precision.

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