Coating Removal over Glass

Coating removal is a critical step in preparing surfaces for further treatment or inspection. Especially when working with delicate materials like glass, the method employed needs to be precise, efficient, and minimally invasive to preserve the integrity of the substrate.

Exploring potential applications we see the removal of coatings on glass for RFID and Lidar applications, or selectively ablating coatings on microfluidic glass used in the medical sector. These examples highlight how Lumos’s laser systems can be tailored to meet the diverse needs across different industries.

Both our innovative GHz burst technology and uniform femtosecond pulsed lasers are emerging as game-changers in the field of coating removal over glass. These lasers operate at ultra-short pulse durations, delivering high peak power that can ablate coatings with exceptional precision and without thermal damage to the underlying glass substrate. This makes them ideal for industrial glass applications where large areas need to be ablated. Additionally, the burst mode operation enhances the efficiency of material processing, providing a fast and reliable solution for coating removal tasks.

Utilizing Lumos’s femtosecond laser technology, industries can achieve:

  1. High Precision, High Sensitivity: The ultra-short pulse durations allow for precise material removal, only targeting the coating without affecting the glass substrate.
  2. Efficient Process: Faster coating removal rates are achievable, significantly reducing the process time and hence, operational costs.
  3. Environmentally Friendly Solution: Unlike traditional methods, laser ablation minimizes waste and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals.

Reach out to explore how our laser systems can redefine your coating removal processes, making them more precise, efficient, and eco-friendly.

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